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    Emetophobia Vlog: Intro

    I have decided to begin a vlog series about emetophobia. In this series I will be going through the Thrive self-help programme devised by Rob Kelly. I thought that fellow emetophobes, or maybe people that want to learn about emetophobia, could follow my journey as I work through this programme. 

    There’s very little information and support for people with emetophobia online, yet there are lots of us out there. A lot of the time we just lack the vocabulary and knowledge to discuss it properly, or we’re embarrassed because of the stigma attached to this phobia. 

    This series will be really quite personal. It’s going to be super honest and I will update you every step of the way. 

    If this truly is a cure, then hopefully we can all go through this process together. Because emetophobia is absolute hell to live with, and wouldn’t it be the best thing ever if we could finally leave it behind? 

    I hope you find some benefit in this series, and feel free to comment on each video on YouTube, where I’ll chat if you want to talk to me about my progress or about your own experiences with emetophobia.

    I hope we can find a solution to this curse, and that you’ll support me in this journey. 

    Love, Claudia xxx

    (This video is delivered in a quiet tone like many ASMR talking videos because I wanted the atmosphere to be as calm as possible. I don’t want you to feel stressed watching this, and I know that even thinking about emetophobia can be scary and stressful.)

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  • Sunday Selfies!!!  (Sort of. Not really.) 05/10/14

    think you can tell I’ve been hooping for the past three months. I’m sure it’s made my waist different. Or maybe that’s wishful thinking…

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  • I’ve Redecorated… I Hope You Like It

    I’ve decided to make this blog a little different. My personal blog claudiaboleyn.tumblr.com is a completely different vibe. As you know I’m a big feminist and I think a lot of that blog can be very overwhelming and serious, and angry, too, because let’s face it, once you get into social politics you cannot help but get cross if you have a moral conscience. But I am also mentally ill and sometimes I need a bit of a break from that. I get sent a lot of abuse and for some time I’ve wanted another blog where I can leave that harassment behind and focus on the other things that matter to me. 

    So this blog is not about my feminism. Feminism is a part of who I am, but I wanted a place where I wasn’t constantly having to fight my corner. Also, I know a lot of people that watch my content and listen to my material aren’t particularly into feminism (which I understand, although I would totally implore you to support it).

    So this blog is going to be a place where I post art, poetry, fragments of history, updates about my album (which is still going ahead, but due to my own mental health, will be worked on throughout the year), photographs of me, photographs of things I think are beautiful and interesting, fashion, and literature. 

    In short, it’s going to be like the inside of my head, only without the stressful side of things. 

    Feel free to send me asks here at this blog, but I probably won’t be answering social justice responses. Please do be nice. 

    I hope through this blog I can come into contact with other Tudor history enthusiasts, art-lovers, music-makers, poets, and all in all interesting and wonderful human beings. 

    Claudia Boleyn


  • I am running out of witty, non-vain captions for my selfie posts. Help. x

  • My hair is the longest it’s ever been. Anne Boleyn apparently had hair so long she could sit on it, and I’m very nearly there with my own. I love it. 

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  • 10/08/14

    Sunday selfies. Natalie Dormer was my hair inspiration. I couldn’t actually shave half of mine off so I just clipped it back. 

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  • 4/08/14

    Selfies with Vincent’s Exploding TARDIS

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